East Gosford’s Fine Diner!

A cafe with real chefs serving up a feast from an internationally inspired menu. All day breakfast. All day lunch! Baristas serving Fat Poppy Coffee. Air-conditioned, free wi-fi and off street parking. All nestled in beautiful East Gosford.

We dined here on Good Friday (Seafood night) and it was fantastic in all respects! It is also BYO! (Bonus) The concept of themed nights at a fixed price coupled with feeling like we were dining in Logan, Erika’s and Peters private dining room made this a memorable night! Three superb courses meticulously prepared and presented with each course introduced by Logan and Peter made the experience all the more enjoyable Peter’s philosophy of using only the best, freshest and seasonal ingredients means you will never be disappointed. We will be back!

The food was delicious, plentiful and fresh, and the coffee strong (mine) and hot (my friend’s) and the tables are nicely spaced so that the place is neither too noisy or cramped, but what really made this place stand out was the lovely staff. All three women working on Thu 28 Sept were friendly, obliging and seemed happy to be there. They noticed that my 15mth old (a highchair was brought over before I even had a chance to look for one) was enthralled by the busyness behind the counter and called out to her, and later brought her over a marshmallow (asking me before giving it to her). It’s hardly surprising my daughter was so happy there, the vibe was great and kids are like dogs when it comes to picking up what’s put down. It wasn’t just us either, the staff were enthusiastic all ’round, and I’m not surprised it was where a large group had booked to celebrate a birthday (when the cake was brought out the staff had rustled up a candle, naturally).